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About COMTecnica

COMTecnica is a two-day event taking place for the 2nd time in a row in Bologna, Italy and is organized by tcworld GmbH in cooperation with tekom Europe and COM&TEC (Associazione Italiana per la Comunicazione Tecnica). At the conference, participants have the opportunity to take part in presentations, workshops and interactive sessions. The conference program covers a wide range of topics and latest trends that are presented by international expert speakers. 

To get an idea of the event, check out the report on last year’s conference.

What Can You Expect at COMTecnica 2017?

Let’s implement the future now!

At COMTecnica 2017, national and international expert speakers will present current and future methods, tools and procedures to show how companies can face the challenges they have to deal with in the time of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The main conference topic is Intelligent Information.
Further topics are:

  •  Intelligent Information (Structured Authoring and metadata with/without XML)
  • Cross‐media/cross‐channel publishing
  • Legal requirements for product communication
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality (use cases from industry companies)
  • Mobile Documentation (use cases, app programming)
  • Global communication (localization and translation)
  • Chatbot, eCommerce and social media for companies
  • Skills 4.0 and TC – educational requirements in the future

Target Audience

The conference is targeted at professionals in the field of technical communication who are eager to learn and share their knowledge about the latest industry trends. We expect participants from a large spectrum of professional backgrounds ranging from technical writers, information designers, and technical communication managers to content architects, and many more.