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From “Technical to Marketing”: strategies and methods to enhance technical contents

The contribution will deal with the full Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Any technical content can be enhanced and used as digital marketing tool. Technical content is an extraordinary starting point for the creation of marketing contents optimized to lead the right message to the right user. Through the creation of the Buyer Persona and their position in the buyer's journey, it is possible to conceive the contents that will attract the right person with the right information proposal. Technical content, as it is, cannot be used in an "automatic" way on the website or on social networks, but can be optimized, unbundled and re-contextualized to become a phenomenal marketing tool. The presentation includes dedicated Italian and International case histories of different sectors of activity to demonstrate how usefull technical contents are in a brand new way. Quantitative and qualitative statistical analyses of industry researches and online advertising related activities will be shown as a particularly beneficial and advantageous integration of the full process.