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Tool Presentation: When CMS joins PIM and ERP: the CAME GROUP experience with EKR SmartDocuments

Marco Galiazzo | Lecture 2. day

Granular information needs to be used in many technical and non technical documents.

To get to the Zero redundancy level we must think to ERP CMS PIM as an unique homogeneous data structure you can choose information to be ASSEMBLED any kind of Document. CAME GROUP started this process to make SAP ERP and EKR PIM the unique container for any kind of internal and external information usage.

We will see how to use the same information inside very different kind of document and media. As the information changes in the ERP, and reflects in catalogs, brochures, manuals, datasheets, labels, website, training material. The highest level of flexibility was required. We will see how SmartDocuments can solve the 100% customer needs with no limit in terms of final quality.